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Where to Buy Cutlery

Kitchen cutlery has a tremendously wide range of prices. In a May 2010 price survey of 71 product lines, I found an 8-inch chef knife ranging in price from $8 to $300. That wide price range is what spurred me on to develop our Cutlery Selector, and determine the characteristics that help contribute to a products price.

With such a wide price difference for the same type of cutlery, one may ask, "Where to Buy Cutlery?"

There are many places to buy cutlery. I look for a store that has:

  • proven itself
  • excellent customer service record
  • excellent prices
  • fair shipping fees, and
  • an easy to navigate website

The store I keep going back to is Amazon.com. I recommend that you buy cutlery from Amazon.com.

The Amazon.com website is very easy to navigate and has an excellent search system. Their prices are usually better than most around. They often have a good cutlery sale. That consistency in price makes them my go-to store. And that is why the majority of links from this site go to Amazon. Your Cutlery Helper is an affiliate of Amazon and earns a commission from links generated from this website.

There isn't a store out there that has absolutely everything. Even Amazon offering products from other stores does not carry everything. On those occasions, I will provide a link to other stores that I like including Cooking.com, MetroKitchen.com, and others. We are an affiliate for each of these stores and earn a commission from these links as well. It is through the commissions from these links we are able to provide this site and the services we perform.

If you have any questions about why we recommend Amazon or our links, contact us at with our Contact Us form here.


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